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New Things

Since graduating from Arizona State University on the 12th, I have been working on expanding Dream Wings in many different ways. I have been experimenting with new materials, integrating new styles and ideas, as can be seen in some of my most recent work! It's been nice to have time away from all of this while I was finishing up school, only because it allowed me to gain some distance from this work. Now, feeling more refreshed and free, I am ready to get back at it again!    Stay tuned and in the know:  Instagram: @dream_wings_   

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Where They're From

The first question I receive about my jewelry and art is how I obtain the materials I use.   “Do you kill them?” seems to be the most common question I hear. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have trouble killing anything, So, the answer to this is a resounding NO. As a conservationist, I find this notion appalling and would never go out of my way to harm an insect or animal, and especially not for jewelry or to make a profit off of them.   Butterfly and insect farms aide the conservation of rainforests and at-risk ‘developed’ areas because they promote the continued protection of the environment these species depend on. Our expanding population has restricted...

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