FAQ + Care

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you kill the butterflies and/or moths?

This is the question I get more than any other, and the short answer is: absolutely not! All of the butterflies and moths I work with come from various accredited and family-owned insect farms across the United States. All of my specimens are collected after their naturaldeath and none are harmed or killed to be sold. This form of ethical sourcing is a principle I will follow as long as I am in business.

Where do you source your other materials?

As mentioned above, all the moths and butterflies utilized are from insect farms and conservatories where they have lived out their natural lives educating the public about the need for conservation. The shed snake skin comes from a few local reptile stores, as well as my own ball python and friends’ snakes. Any feathers are naturally molted by legal, domestic birds. Many types of birds are federally protected in the United States by the Migratory Bird Act, and possessing, let alone selling, even a feather from an owl, hawk, hummingbird, waterfowl, and many other types birds is highly illegal! I collect many natural history items in my own personal time, so have brushed up on these legalities and make sure to abide by all federal regulations when sourcing any potential materials for Dream Wings.

Do you take custom work or requests?

Yes! I am almost always accepting custom orders, depending on the project of course. Please visit our Custom Orders page to get something in the works. I have done everything from pet memorial pieces with puppy teeth and cat whiskers, to pendants with found sea glass, bridal flowers, as well as reversible photo pendants of passed loved ones, and more!


 Where can I shop if I am not local to Arizona?

My website is open for business 24/7, 365 days a year! If you would like to shop in person however, you can always check my list of stockists to see if there is a store near you that carries my work. If you have a shop in mind that you think would be a good fit for Dream Wings, feel free to send me their information at any time. 

*In addition to supplying over a dozen stores nationally, I also participate in a handful of events and pop-ups around the Phoenix metro area. Check our events page and/or Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates!


*How should I care for my jewelry and wall decorations?*

Each Dream Wings piece is a unique creation, whether it be a wall hanger, necklace, pair of earrings, or ring. To protect your special gems and ensure its longevity, please take care to remove all jewelry before bathing, hand-washing, or swimming, and prevent exposure to other moisture sources such as lotions and perfumes. The natural materials used in our jewelry and decorations are easily damaged by water and there is no way to restore them should they be exposed to these elements.

 Display all wall hangings out of exposure to direct sunlight to avoid color damaging UV rays.

 If your pieces become dirty, simply wipe them with a soft cloth. Over time, it is natural for the patina to antique and tarnish; it’s a simple display of your love for each piece that you have carefully collected.


What metals do you use?

I use lead free silver solder on all of my pieces, which are hand polished and oxidized multiple times. The chain we use is copper based, plated with gunmetal and nickel free. All earring posts and hooks are surgical or stainless steel, or iron, as well as nickel free for those with sensitivities. All findings are lead and nickel free.


 My necklace broke; do you do repairs? I lost the other earring to my set?

Few pieces have ever needed to be repaired, but I am happy to fix what I can within reason, free of charge, if it was from an error on my part. Broken glass from the piece being dropped or crushed, snapped chain or jump rings from the necklace being yanked or caught on something, and other damage out of my control is not covered under this offered warranty, but I do often offer replacements at a slightly discounted rate, depending on the item and other criteria. Rings cannot be repaired under most circumstances.* Missing earring pairs can sometimes be replaced at a discounted rate.  

Because each piece is crafted with care to highlight the delicate natural elements within, they should also be treated as such: sensitive to mishandling. Treated gently and with care, your jewels should last decades! 

The best way to go about any questions about repairs or replacements is to contact me directly at dreamwingsjewelry@outlook.com!







Have a question not answered here? Please email me directly at dreamwingsjewelry@outlook.com