When it comes to jewelry, every piece should make a statement.

I grew up watching my great grandmother and father create beautiful stained glass windows. This fascination and admiration was put into action after I visited a natural history shop in New York City in late 2011, where they had random bags of butterfly wings for sale. I had no idea what I would do with them, but they were too beautiful to pass up. Eventually, I expanded my realm to shed snakeskin, glass, feathers, pressed flowers, bones, and everything in between. 

**With a focus on natural beauty, conservation is part of the trade. All of my insects are sourced from reserves and butterfly farms after they expire naturally. All feathers and snakeskin are molted and shed, and all bones come from animals that died of natural causes. In this way, not only are those insects and animals receiving 'new life,' but they encourage protection and conservation of wild habitats. 


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